Choices, choices, choices – there’s just too much of it these days with the ever-expanding number of stag do destinations around the world. The tricky part is deciding what kind of a stag you want.

Do you want something dirt-cheap somewhere in an Eastern European city or party hard and get the adrenaline rushing? Or would you rather settle for a good old British classic experience in the Dam?

Here are the top 10 stag destinations around the world for 2019 based on popularity and value for money.


THINGS TO DO: Enjoy the great sights like Old Town Square and Prague Castle. Sail down the scenic Vltava River or try out the AK-47 shooting.

NIGHTLIFE: Hit the Old Town for the time of your life. We love the Karlovy Lazne mega club that is open till 5am.


THINGS TO DO: To get a real sense of this beautiful city, try the boat trip (we recommend the TiTanic). Love shooting activities? Try their unique Arnie’s Commando Shootout.

NIGHTLIFE: Head down to downtown Pest and District 5 for the party of your life. Szimpla is a wildly popular party scene.


THINGS TO DO: This is an ancient Polish city and has a lot of history. Try the Commie Tour and sip on vodka as you learn!

NIGHTLIFE: This is a student town, and we know students equal cheap booze and parties!


THINGS TO DO: You simply must take advantage of all the water and enjoy the different canal tours. Pick your choice from Pedola Tours to Canal Boat Bar Crawl.

NIGHTLIFE: Amsterdam hosts one of the highest numbers of stag parties. All you have to do is head to Red Light District!


THINGS TO DO: Barcelona has some of the most beautiful beaches. Try your hand at Parasailing or Wakeboarding if you happen to visit between June-August.

NIGHTLIFE: Nightlife in Barcelona is centred around El Born and Gothic Area. Party like the locals – start late and go home after sunrise.

  1. RIGA

THINGS TO DO: This one is for the adrenaline junkies. Try the Jet Pack for a sci-fi hydro experience or book the Olympic Bobsleigh for a team-building experience.

NIGHTLIFE: There are so many choices in Old Town ranging from old-world dives to sophisticated skyline bars.


THINGS TO DO: This is an old port city, and you can enjoy the sights without having to walk a lot. Enjoy the classic stag activities like rifle shooting, paintballing and more.

NIGHTLIFE: If you come to Hamburg, you simply must come to Reeperbahn for some serious partying. You can book a sightseeing tour and visit some of the best bars, strip clubs and more.


THINGS TO DO: This Slovakian capital has so much to offer. Try the 110-metre Action Jump or book a day out for a wide variety of Special Forces Shooting.

NIGHTLIFE: Head to Old Town district where you will find all the best pubs and bars. Pick your choice from local bars to cool cocktail joints.


THINGS TO DO: Berlin has gone through some of the most important historical events like the Cold War and two world wars. See the sights on foot and see history unveil right in front of you. Also try the SightBEERING tour, House Running and Arrow Tag.

NIGHTLIFE: One word – BIG. Berlin is the king of stag clubbing destinations. Enjoy the wild nights and techno music.


THINGS TO DO: If you love beer, you gotta visit Munich. It’s a beer-drinking season all year round! Try their Munich Brewery Tour and visit the Olympic Stadium if you love football. You can also jump off the building in Olympic Stadium Flying Fox!

NIGHTLIFE: Munich is known for their VIP table-style nights out. Enjoy a rock star-style action-packed stag night with a Munich Crawl & Clubbing tour.

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