Trouble shooting common wedding flower problems

Planning for your big day can be incredibly exciting, or incredibly stressful depending on your outlook. On one hand, flowers can seem like they should be a fun and easy part of the process. However, there are common pitfalls that can leave even the calmest love birds pulling their hair out. Take a deep breath and take a look at our solutions to flowery frustrations.   

When you have left it late 

We all start out with the best of intentions but sometimes things just get away from us. Maybe your wedding falls on a particularly busy summer weekend. Perhaps your florist fell through at the last minute or you just haven’t managed to get to the flowers part off your to do list 

Whatever the reason, if you are down to the wire, don’t despair. You can still have gorgeous flowers on your big day. Simply google next day flowers to Birminghamor wherever you are tying the knot and look for a good florist that can have your flowers to you the very next day.   

How will you know if they are a good florist? Check if they have a guarantee on how long their flowers will last. The longer the guarantee the better so you can do some DIY arranging. If they prioritise using local and in season flowers, you will be more likely to get fresh and gorgeous looking blooms.   

When the DIY gets out of hand 

Pinterest has a lot to answer for! Very rarely is that cute idea you’ve seen while scrolling at 3am is as simple as it looks. If you are dead set on going down the DIY route, remember that practice really, truly, does make perfect. Trying to construct something for the first time a day or two before your wedding is a recipe for stress! Practice well in advance so you have the process down to an art and genuinely know how long it takes.   


It’s all very well saying practice in advance. If you haven’t and now realise that what you thought would be fun project is insanely difficult, don’t be afraid to go simple. Flowers in jam jars can look just as gorgeous as the highly complicated design you had in mind. People are here to celebrate you and your love, not to critique the arrangements!  

When you are on a tight budget  

The cost of wedding can quickly spiral out of control. If you are trying to make the day special, yet economical, the best way to save is to pay careful attention to the flowers you choose. Choosing non-native, exotic blooms is a sure fire way to crank up costs. Instead, do your research and opt for in season flowers that can be found locally. Not only are in season flowers likely to be better qualitythey are much cheaper than ones that have to be flown in from further afield.  

Another way to keep costs down is to reuse the flower from your ceremony for the reception. Multi task your flowers by showing them off at all the different parts of your big day. Our favourite super saver tip is to use the bridesmaid bouquets as decorations for the top table. 

When you are allergic to pollen 

Let’s be honest, allergies can make your life an absolute misery. For brides and groom with serious issues with pollen, a flower filled venue can be a minefield. Think swollen red eyes in photos or missing out on festivities because you are doped up on antihistamines. While there are flowers out there that are somewhat allergy friendly, your choices are fairly limited. Instead of making the best of a small selection get exactly what you want by opting for silk flowers.  

Incredibly life like silk flowers have been growing in popularity in recent years. A silk bouquet will stay fresh forever, giving you a gorgeous reminder of your big day. Cut down on costs as well as the impact of your big day on the plant by renting larger arrangements.  

Remember that the wedding is just one day in the adventure that is your marriage. When things get stressful don’t concentrate on the day itself. Instead imagine yourselves five, ten and twenty years from now. You can get through even the most stressful of planning and you will!   

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